Jabil’s Unusual PA 0600 Filament

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Jabil’s Unusual PA 0600 Filament
3D printed parts made from Jabil’s PA 0600 material [Source: Jabil]

Jabil introduced a new engineering filament for professional 3D printing, PA 0600.

There has never been a moment in time when more types of 3D printer filaments have been available, and more are announced each week. But this one from Jabil is a bit different.

Jabil is a large-scale contract manufacturer / digital solutions company with a significant investment in 3D printing. Their use of the technology is typically more intense than that of their clients, and in fact their technology expertise may lead some of their clients to use 3D printing for the first time.

Jabil is in a position to see where the industry is heading, as they constantly receive requests for parts of all kinds. Their approach is to determine the best method of making the part, which involves a number of factors including the required material properties and making process.

Some parts, particularly for low-volume applications, are most economically produced on 3D printers, but there’s a problem: not all materials are available for 3D printers. In such cases clients would be directed to use other more expensive technologies such as injection molding that require pricey CNC’d molds.

One very popular engineering material type that is not generally available for 3D printing is polyoxymethylene (POM). This includes industrial materials like Delrin that are strong, higher-temperature, self-lubricating surfaces and offer significant wear resistance. Such materials are ideal for use in many mechanical scenarios.

But you can’t 3D print that type of materials mostly because they can emit the chemical formaldehyde when heated. And that’s exactly what happens when you push those materials through a hot 3D print nozzle.

This has led Jabil Engineering Materials‘ Materials Innovation Center to develop PA 0600.

It can act as a safe replacement for POM materials. Matt Torosian, Jabil’s Additive Product Management Director, said:

“We’re building upon Jabil’s legacy in materials science to improve existing polymers or create new ones at the molecular level to benefit our customers. Our focus on innovation led to the discovery of our PA 0600 filament, which has a unique formulation with Acetal plastic attributes but without potentially dangerous formaldehyde emissions associated with overheating.”

Jabil added:

“The versatile Jabil PA 0600 filament is well suited for a variety of applications as the material exhibits high stiffness, dimensional stability and good wear resistance, as well as low-friction, self-lubricating characteristics. The new filament delivers high levels of smoothness and durability, typically required in the production of gears, bearings and rollers; jigs, fixtures and tooling; and work-holding devices, posts and nests. Additionally, the material simplifies post-print machining, including fly cuts, thread taps and heat stakes.

Moreover, Jabil PA 0600 filament provides enhanced functionality typically associated with Delrin® Acetal plastic or alternative POM materials — without the risk of exposure to formaldehyde emissions when the material is overheated. The Jabil PA 0600 filament has been formulated without formaldehyde, so there is no release of noxious odors or fumes during processing. This offers product designers greater flexibility, speed and safety in developing complex parts that must be resistant to fatigue, friction and abrasion.”

Jabil says the new filament is certified for use on “Ultimaker S5, UM 3, Raise3D, Method X and Taz Pro platforms”, but likely works just as well on other machines. PA 0600 also appears in Ultimaker Cura’s marketplace, where Ultimaker users can immediately obtain precision print profiles for the filament.

Jabil has set up sales for PA 0600 via DigiKey, a well-known online retailer. There you can pick up a 750g spool of PA 0600 for US$66.40, but there are discounts for higher unit volumes. It also appears that you can purchase directly from Jabil.

If you’re seeking a Delrin-like material to 3D print, please check out PA 0600.

Via Jabil and DigiKey

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