Join the TIPE 2023 Conference Tomorrow: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Conference

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Tomorrow is the opening of the TIPE 2023 conference. Are you attending?

TIPE is a unique online conference that evolved during the “everyone-stay-at-home” era of the pandemic, and it was so successful it continues today.

The entirely online conference takes place over three days, starting tomorrow. There’s no fee to attend, and there’s no excuse for not attending, aside from time availability.

While we’re all busy folks, I do recommend attending at least part of TIPE 2023, as there are 30 hours of conference presentations over three days. It’s now so big you have to plan out your attendance plan because there are four different tracks: Technology, Innovation, People and Economy, which just happen to be the inspiration behind the event’s name.

There is definitely something for everyone in 3D printing and additive manufacturing at this event.

While the official presentations will be of great interest, there’s more to consider.

First, the event has not one, but two job fairs. Here you’ll be able to both seek employees and seek jobs, depending on which side of the organization you find yourself. I know that many 3D printing companies are expanding rapidly, while others are contracting, making this a tremendous opportunity for both companies and individuals.

Secondly, there’s the networking. TIPE takes place online, which is normally a really terrible environment to network. But TIPE is very different: they use an amazing online conference service that closely mimics real life. You’ll find yourself “sitting” at a virtual table with others to whom you can speak or even video. It may sound a bit goofy, but it really works, and I’ve met some interesting folks at previous TIPE events in this way.

If you’re involved in 3D printing or additive manufacturing, I recommend taking some time today to review the conference schedule to determine which events will be of most interest to you and your organization. Unlike physical conferences, this virtual event allows you to bounce in and out as required.

As for us, we have a sponsored table where you are free to join us, if there are open seats.

See you there!

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By Kerry Stevenson

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