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We are sponsor of the 2023 TIPE conference

Once again we are proud to sponsor the TIPE conference, now in its third iteration.

Haven’t heard of TIPE? It’s a new type of 3D print conference that emerged during the pandemic, and it’s entirely online.

Oh, I hear that sighing from you, “another online webinar”. Nope, that’s not it at all. This is a full-fledged online CONFERENCE that has multiple tracks, dozens of speakers and a unique online format.

In past years we were amazed by how close this event feels like a real physical conference because of the online platform used: you “sit” at tables and can video-talk with your tablemates, and it’s a great way to actually do networking online that really works.

The four tracks of TIPE 2023 are Technology, Industry, People and Economics, which, as you may have noticed, represent the letters “TIPE”.

The conference was launched by Women in 3D Printing, who wanted to highlight the surprising lack of female speakers at most industry events up to that date. Well, they’ve certainly smashed that barrier, as this event (and all previous) are entirely composed of female speakers, 186 in number this year. [Note to other conference organizers: there are indeed plenty of female speaker options, just take a look at TIPE.]

Honestly, at this point I don’t even think of this event as a “women’s” event. It’s simply another Additive Manufacturing industry event, and a really good one at that. Come for the information, the networking and the career opportunities (there’s TWO virtual job fairs also included!)

The conference is very well run, and because it takes place online it is very easy to attend. There’s no charge to participate, all you need is time and interest. Because it’s entirely online you are easily able to bug out temporarily if you have a meeting or something else cooking.

The three day event takes place over three days, January 24-26.

I hope to see you there at our sponsor table.

Via TIPE 2023

By Kerry Stevenson

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