Lithoz Makes First Acquisition

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Making the deal [Source: Lithoz]

Lithoz acquired a ceramic 3D printing company.

Lithoz is perhaps not as well known as they should be. The Austrian company has been focused on ceramic 3D printing for many years, developing not one, but two different processes for producing ceramic objects.

Their LCM ceramic 3D printing process allows for extremely precise fine structures built in a variety of ceramic materials, while their alternative LIS process enables 3D printing of larger bulk ceramic objects with “complete density”.

Now they’ve acquired CerAMing, a startup that originally spun off from the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

CerAMing developed something called “LSD” 3D printing, which can also create ceramic objects. LSD is an acronym for “layer slurry deposition”, yet another way to produce ceramic objects. Lithoz said LSD can produce high quality ceramic objects with “extremely high densities”.

The acquisition leaves Lithoz with now three different ceramic 3D printing processes: LIS, LCM and now LSD. This should enable the company to address a more full range of ceramic 3D printing applications for clients.

Lithoz CEO and founder Dr. Johannes Homa said:

“With the acquisition of CerAMing, Lithoz is expanding its technology portfolio through strategic acquisition for the first time. We see this technology as another key pillar in the realization of our vision to enable geographically independent, yet fully digitally connected global serial production in the ceramics industry. We have already been able to realize this with our market-leading LCM technology, and along with LIS technology we will soon also be able to further our goals with LSD printing as complementary technologies with the same high quality and without compromising on results.”

I believe this is a very strategic acquisition for Lithoz, as it is a big step to providing complete solutions in the ceramic market. If the company can continue to add more ceramic capabilities, then they will sooner or later become the go-to supplier for such capabilities.

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