Modix Introduces the Core-Meter: A New Large Format 3D Printer

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The Core-Meter large-format 3D printer [Source: Modix]

Modix announced a new large format 3D printer, the Modix Core-Meter.

The company has been producing larger-sized FFF 3D printers for several years, and most recently introduced a prototype CoreXY design, the Core-60. That’s quite different from their usual cartesian motion system, and positions them to develop a high speed device. The CoreXY design offers a way to print quickly without moving the build plate, as typical i3 designs must do.

Now they’ve followed up on the prototype with a production machine announcement: the Core-Meter.

That seems to be an unusual name for a printer, but there’s some logic here. The Core-60 prototype had a build volume of 600 x 600 x 600 mm, and as you might guess, the Core-Meter has a build volume of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm: one meter on a side.

As expected, Modix has designed the Core-Meter for high speed 3D printing. The device includes not only the speed-friendly CoreXY motion system, but also an accelerometer on the toolhead. This sensor allows the device to perform self-calibration required for high speed operations.

The Core-Meter also sports a Duet controller board, a Phaetus Rapido hot end and an APUS extruder.

Modix explained that the device, which is set to be released in 1Q 2024, will have a number of options available including an enclosure, air filtration, filament dryers and more. It seems that buyers will be able to configure the Core-Meter for their specific applications.

There’s another key feature of the Core-Meter: price. Modix has set the list price for the base Core-Meter at US$6,900. That’s incredibly low for a device that can competently print meter-sized objects at high speed.

However, the idea is to compare the price of the new machine with Modix’s other large-format machine, the BIG-Meter. This cartesian device is priced significantly higher at US$13,900. The new machine allows far easier access to large-format 3D printing.

There’s one different, however: the BIG-Meter is capable of dual extrusion with an IDEX option, while the new Core-Meter cannot do this, at least not yet.

Once again the price / performance ratio of 3D printing has changed. I recall a time not that many years ago when a meter-sized machine of any kind would have cost many tens of thousands of dollars. Now it seems you’ll be able to get one for well under US$10K.

Via Modix

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