More Price Shifting in 3D Printing Materials

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[Source: Kimya]

With supply chains broken and shipping costs soaring, more companies are altering their pricing in the 3D print space.

Previously we noted that Prusa Research decided to up the pricing of their flagship 3D printers slightly, as well as Stratasys raising the prices of their materials used on older equipment. Now we see that Kimya has made some unusual price changes on their high-quality 3D printer materials.

This is not surprising, as the costs of basically everything have gone up due to pandemic effects and other global events.

As you might expect, Kimya raised prices on a variety of their materials, sometimes significantly. They explained the rationale for the changes:

“Specific materials are affected by a price hike due to significant increase in raw materials costs.”

The price increases affect their ABS-S, PETG-R, PETG-S, PLA-HI, PLA-R and PC-S materials, with increases ranging from 3% to as high as 31%.

The increases seem lowest for Kimya’s ABS materials, and highest for their PETG materials. The 750g PETG-R spool rose an amazing 31% to US$26.10.

It’s also interesting to note that Kimye’s price increases were moderated by the volume being purchased. For example, the PETG-S product was adjusted as follows:

  • 0.75kg = US$27.30 (23%)
  • 2.20kg = US$69.50 (13%)
  • 4.50kg = US$125 (10%)

Note that the bigger the spool, the lower the increase. I suspect this might suggest that Kimya could also be hurting from increased shipping and/or packaging costs, which would explain the difference. A pure rise in raw materials might have been more smoothly presented across all variants.

But wait — Kimya also LOWERED their prices on several products, too!

ABS Carbon, HIPS-R, PETG Carbon and PPSU-S all incurred price drops, with HIPS-R dropping an incredible 45%. The other products dropped in price between 20-24%, also significant.

Why drop prices? I suspect there are several factors at play. Kimya said:

“In an effort to stay competitive in an ever-changing market, we at KIMYA have adjusted some of our premium materials.”

It could be that these products are already high-priced (example: 500g spools of PPSU-S was priced at US$215, and are now US$172.50). Thus they are more able to take a hit on pricing than lower priced products. It may also be that these products are well-stocked in Kimye’s warehouses and the company wants to move them rather than other products that are harder to produce in these conditions.

You can see Kimya’s entire current price list here (PDF). It’s quite extensive and is eight pages of products and variants, including the MSRP for each.

Kimya’s price changes won’t be the last we see in the industry.

Via Kimya

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