MyMiniFactory Selling Resin?

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MyMiniFactory Selling Resin?
MyMiniFactory Premium Resin [Source: MyMiniFactory]

What? MyMiniFactory is now selling 3D printer resin?

This is a bit of a shock, but then I realized they may be on to something.

Why am I surprised? It’s because resin sales are so far away from MyMiniFactory’s normal business, which is acting as a central repository of complex printable 3D models for hobbyists and artists.

They are one of the oldest 3D model repositories dedicated to 3D printing, and have one of the highest reputations. That’s because early on they made the wise decision to vet each and every 3D model for printability before posting it to their site.

This was quite unlike their competition, which were (and still are) mostly free-for-alls where anyone can upload anything. That led to many disappointments for early desktop 3D printer users that unfortunately assumed anything online is actually 3D printable.

Often, they weren’t.

Years ago MyMiniFactory had a squad of experts literally 3D printing every submission. If you don’t believe me, I saw it with my own eyes when I visited MyMiniFactory in person.

At the time they explained they used many kilograms of filament per month, testing upwards of 1,000 3D models. Nowadays much of that is automated, but they still maintain the printability promise.

Then this week they announced the availability of MyMiniFactory Premium Resin, specifically for MSLA and DLP desktop 3D printers.

This is quite a step for a digital repository company, but after some explanation, it makes a great deal of sense.

They say:

“MyMiniFactory is delivering its resin to the community based on feedback and demand from customers who have been searching for more resistant resins for their miniatures, a need widely spread in the 3D printing tabletop community.”


“The MyMiniFactory Premium Resin features a chemical formula created for improving the durability of any printed model. Its slight elasticity guarantees extra protection for tiny parts against accidental drops, a common problem amongst tabletop enthusiasts.”

Aha! They are making their community better by having a new material specifically engineered for their needs. They partnered with Jamg-He, an Asian manufacturer of photopolymer resins to produce the new material.

Sample 3D print made with new MyMiniFactory Premium Resin [Source: MyMiniFactory]

But is this resin good? MyMiniFactory explains:

“To ensure that the quality of the 3D models is not lost during the printing process and out of respect for these designers, MyMiniFactory has conducted extensive testing to ensure that its Premium Resin guarantees consistently high-quality prints.”

They tested the resin with many familiar equipment brands, including Elegoo, Creality, Phrozen, Longer 3D, AnyCubic and more. That’s their testing heritage showing up.

Another interesting twist is that the new material is available to MyMiniFactory+ subscribers. This is a membership program that provides discounts on paid 3D model downloads, as well as discounts on equipment and materials. MyMiniFactory prices the new premium resin at US$38.99 for a 1kg bottle. That’s actually quite a good price for a top-end resin, as I initially thought this was for a 500ml bottle.

The resin is a way to encourage more from their community to join the “plus” service, which costs as low as US$7.49 per month to participate. If buying materials through that program, the cost could easily be justified.

This is a very good move by MyMiniFactory, as it specifically addresses the needs of their unique community, one that has often been ignored by the industry at large.

Via MyMiniFactory

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