nano3dprint Upgrades Flagship 3D Printers

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Upgraded nano3DPrint devices [Source: VoxelMatters]

Including precision dispensing tips and improved resolution for the A2200 and B3300 printers.

nano3dprint, a next-generation additive manufacturing solutions provider, has upgraded its A2200 Multi-Materials printer and B3300 Dual-Dispensing 3D printer. These upgrades include precision dispensing tips that improve printing resolution, general printer performance, and expanded printer capabilities.

Precision dispensing tips allow the A2200 and B3300 to achieve a 100-micron resolution – compared to the previous resolution of 200 microns. The tips have less tip-to-tip variation than a standard, economical blunt needle nozzle. Providing more stability and accuracy to the A2200 and B3300 dispensing systems, the upgrade will result in more precise printing and dimensional accuracy, improved surface finish, more complex designs, and the development of smaller features in prototypes.

“We’ve seen an increased demand for higher resolution prints,” said Ramsey Stevens, CEO of nano3Dprint. “These upgrades will help our customer base engineer a wide range of 3D designs as well as smaller electronic components. They can now make more complex and conformal advanced applications such as sensors, batteries, and wearables.”

Glass syringes, which can handle corrosive materials like solvents, have been added to further the development of high-precision prints. Compared to plastic syringes, glass is less likely to diffuse gas through the material and is more chemically inert than plastic.

Glass syringes, and the specialized adapters that enable the use of glass syringes, precision nozzles, and high-resolution nozzles, are available for purchase online. “While the glass syringes were previously part of our Materials Starter Kit, making them individually available promotes wider accessibility for our customers,” added Stevens.

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