Personalized Gaming Gear: Formify Launches Custom 3D Printed Gaming Mouse

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A customized 3D printed gaming mouse [Source: Formify]

Formify has introduced a new service that allows customers to order customized 3D printed gaming mice tailored to their hand.

The Toronto-based startup aims to offer various personalized products, with the gaming mouse being their first venture after nearly three years of development.

Customization Process and Technology

The process for creating a customized mouse [Source: Formify]

To get started, customers simply send a single image of their hand, which is then fed into Formify’s software system. The software employs advanced machine learning algorithms to determine the “size, shape, and contours” of the hand. This data is then mapped onto a base mouse model to customize its shape.

The resulting 3D model is printed using HP MJF equipment, known for producing high-quality parts. Once printed, the mouse undergoes final assembly and is shipped to the customer.

Targeting the Gaming Community

The process for creating a customized mouse [Source: Formify]

While most computer users might not prioritize mouse design, gamers certainly do. Reaction times measured in microseconds make any possible advantage crucial, including the design of the mouse. To refine their design, Formify collaborated with several notable gamers to gain their expertise and opinions. The result is a mouse that should be ideal for gaming — and for the user.

Formify outlined some features of their mouse design, aside from customized geometry:

  • 55g average weight (varies due to customization)
  • 650 IPS sensor tracking
  • Low latency wireless connectivity
  • Two programmable thumb buttons
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • High grip textured surface (selectable)
  • Kailua 8.0 clear switches
  • Kickstarter Campaign and Pricing

Customers can now order one of these unique gaming mice from Formify via their Kickstarter launch. As expected, the cost is higher than that of a standard mouse, with a US$142 price point.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a 20% discount on the product, but the price will likely increase after the campaign concludes. The company anticipates shipping products towards the end of the year as they prepare customized 3D models for printing and production.

Additive Manufacturing and Cost Considerations

Formify’s custom gaming mouse is an excellent example of product customization through additive manufacturing. However, the high price could deter some potential buyers.

This situation reflects a broader challenge in the 3D printing industry: some industries cannot afford to participate because their product space does not allow for prices sufficient to cover additive manufacturing processes. As the cost of AM continues to decrease, this will likely change over time.

Via Formify and Kickstarter

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