Redefine Meat Expands 3D Printed Alt-Meat Products And Market

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Redefine Meat Expands 3D Printed Alt-Meat Products and Market
Cutting into a very lifelike 3D printed alt-meat section [Source: Redefine Meat]

Redefine Meat announced the availability of five specific alt-meat products at locations across Israel.

The company is one of the pioneers in the 3D printed food industry, using advanced scientific analysis to develop a vegetable-based 3D printed “meat-like” product. Their system, which we examined in some detail earlier, is able to be configured to produce a wide variety of meat simulations. They are able to match the look, taste, mouth feel and texture of many real meats.

Notably, the 3D printing process is used to assist in the formation of structures to emulate mouth feel. This is done through precise directional extrusions that meet certain tolerances.

The advantages are several, including avoiding entirely the use of farm animals and the consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Redefine Meat’s products are made entirely with vegetable sources in proprietary recipes.

[Source: Redefine Meat]

The company’s business model is to provide equipment and input material to existing meat producers, who would normally receive real meat from farms. Instead these operations would produce alt-meat using Redefine Meat’s process and then shunt it through their normal distribution networks to the public.

Up to now the company has been developing product and performing small-scale marketing experiments and demonstrations. Now, they hit the big time.

After some research, they have developed their initial five 3D printed alt-meat commercial products. They include:

Redefine Burger: A fully formed 170g alt-beef burger that inherits characteristics from the company’s steak experiments.

Redefine Burger [Source: Redefine Meat]

Redefine Ground Beef: To be used in various cooking processes, including charcoal grills, where it is said to perform well. Redefine Meat says it has a “subtle animalic flavor.”

Redefine Ground Beef [Source: Redefine Meat]

Redefine Sausage: The alt-meat is encased using a vegetarian casing to provide a “bite”.

Redefine Sausage [Source: Redefine Meat]

Redefine Cigar: No, this is not a cigar, but it is a classic Middle East meat that includes a “bouquet of aromatic seasoning”.

Redefine Cigar [Source: Redefine Meat]

Redefine Kebab: This seems to be the flagship product, as Redefine Meat describes their lamb-like kebab:

“‘Redefine Kebab’ is arguably the most meat-like product ever to be introduced in the past decade. Developed in stealth-mode for over two years, it is an extremely juicy, minced meat product designed to address the most common meat street food dish in cuisines from the middle east through to India.”

Redefine Kebab [Source: Redefine Meat]

If you happened to be wondering what Redefine Meat has been doing with their latest major investment, wait no more, because the answer is clear. They’re commercializing the products.

They are using that cash to develop not only a facility to build more of their food 3D printers, but also food production facilities. The intent is to scale the operations sufficiently to provide product across Israel, and eventually to other regions. They target Q4 of this year as the date for product delivery in Europe and 2022 for the USA launch.

Meanwhile, they have developed sufficient capacity to regularly provide product to select restaurants and hotels in Israel for the public.

No doubt the list will increase rapidly in coming months.

Via Redefine Meat and Incus

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