Sculpteo Introduces Sample Kits to Showcase 3D Printing and Finishing Options

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Part of a Sample Kit [Source: Sculpteo]

Sculpteo announced the availability of “sample kits”, something more manufacturing services should do.

Samples are not a new concept. They’re often used by 3D printer manufacturers to show off the quality that can be achieved by their equipment, for example. 3D print services can do the same, except they typically have more than one type of equipment to showcase.

The difference here is that Sculpteo’s Sample Kits demonstrate not only the print quality but also finishing options.

Finishing is something that’s increasingly provided by 3D print services. More than just producing the part itself, these services provide efficient methods of post processing. This might include support removal, polishing, painting, electroplating or other applications.

Just as someone might be curious about the print quality, they might also be curious about the finishing quality. That’s the purpose of the new Sculpteo Sample Kits.

Sculpteo explained they have five different aspects portrayed in the sample kits:

  • Coating (in Purple, Metallic Blue, Red): Explore a variety of vibrant colors and custom paint finishes to add a personalized touch to your 3D printed parts
  • Polishing (in White): Experience polished surfaces with a smooth and lustrous finish
  • Chemical Smoothing: Smooth out layer lines and imperfections with this advanced finishing technique for a professional-quality look and feel
  • Metal Plating (in Gold and Silver): Elevate your projects with our Metal Plating options, achieve a luxurious metallic sheen and added durability with these premium plating choices
  • Dyeing (in Yellow): Add a splash of color to your 3D printed parts with a finish similar to a mass-colored plastic

Anyone interested in using Sculpteo’s services might very well consider requesting one of these sample kits, which are provided free of charge.

[UPDATE] We’ve received information from Sculpteo indicating that the sample kits are in fact NOT provided free of charge. They did not tell us the cost for the kits.

It’s surprising to me that this type of sample is not universally provided by 3D print services, as it should be a very common question that requires an answer for customers. One of the first steps in evaluating a service would be to examine their print samples.

One reason why sample kits may not be universally available is that they are usually expensive to produce. Imagine making one of these: it would literally require multiple prints and executing all of the possible finishing processes. That’s far more work than simply 3D printing a single part and finishing it with one process.

One concept I’d like to see emerge is not only a universal availability of sample kits, but a set of standard objects for doing so. If every service used the same objects it would be far easier for customers to compare the results between options.

Via Sculpteo

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