Sidus Space Launches Multi-Material 3D Printing Division for Space Industry

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Signs suggest a bright future for 3D printing in space [Source: Fabbaloo / D3]

Sidus Space announced a new division dedicated to 3D printing parts for space missions.

Sidus Space hit the headlines almost a year ago when they revealed they had used a combination of Markforged 3D printers and materials to produce parts for an Earth-orbiting satellite, LizzieSat. This spacecraft is scheduled to launch this spring.

3D printed polymer parts are desirable for aerospace as they are typically lighter and thus lower the launch payload weight, if they are able to withstand the space environment.

The development of these parts was not simply a matter of printing the correct geometry. Instead there were multiple other concerns. For example, in the vacuum of space, would materials off gas emissions that could mess with other neighboring components?

Sidus Space undertook a significant investigation and eventually determined that they could use Markforged’s X7 3D printers with the company’s OnyxFR-A material to produce parts that met the requirements for use in orbit for the LizzeSat project.

Now we hear that Sidus Space’s work to develop this technology will be available beyond the project through their new “Multi-Material 3D Printing Division”. They explain:

“Building on the success of constructing LizzieSatTM with the Onyx nylon 3D printed materials, Sidus Space is extending its capabilities to the broader market. The Company offers a unique “digital warehouse” database for storing parts, allowing customers to print manufacturer-approved digital parts with ease. The service accommodates single or multiple units for personal use, and customers can opt to have their parts printed and delivered directly or have their clients print from Sidus Space’s digital warehouse of 3D models.”

As you can see, this is not just a typical “send your model and we’ll print it” service. Instead they are developing a digital inventory solution for aerospace and in particular the space industry. They say they will be able to produce parts using quite a few materials:

“The Multi-Material 3D Printing Division specializes in composite materials, including Nylon Onyx, Onyx FR-A, Carbon Fiber (CF), Fiberglass, and Kevlar. Additionally, the company offers 3D printing in PLA and TPU materials.”

This is a very strategic move. While this particular market niche may seem extraordinarily small at this stage, developments in the space industry over the next few years will almost certainly trigger an explosion of space activity and startup companies to looking for opportunities.

Sidus Space will be in a good position to assist these companies in their efforts to develop new systems through their new digital warehouse.

Via Sidus Space

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