Stratasys Raises Prices … Again

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A quiet announcement from Stratasys indicated they’re raising prices on multiple 3D printer models, but there is some good news, too.

The company has been beset with the same supply chain complications and component shortages as others, but being one of the bigger companies, they likely feel those problems even more deeply.

Stratasys first announced price increases to customers back in June, when they raised pricing of various materials by 5-10%, along with additional freight charges. At the time, they explained that the increases were due to the “rising cost of raw materials, labor and logistics”, which is almost certainly true.

But for those Stratasys customers and prospects, the latest announcement might be a bit of a surprise, given that Stratasys already raised prices only six months ago.

In the announcement, Stratasys explained that while they have been successful in “absorbing cost increases in many areas”, they still intend on raising prices for equipment, effective January 1, 2023.

Stratasys published a detailed sheet of the increases, and I’ve added a couple of columns to provide perspective:

Stratasys price increases in US$ [Source: Stratasys / Fabbaloo]

It seems that the company is tending to raise the prices more for lower priced equipment, and less for the more expensive gear. This chart shows the trendline for their pricing approach:

It’s also likely they have taken into account the market segments’ capability to absorb price increases as well.

That’s good news for the bigger customers, as eating a ten percent raise on the larger machines would cost yet another US$25,000.

The bottom line here is that if you have been considering buying a Stratasys device on the list above, then you’d best do so before the end of the year. After that, the new pricing takes hold and you’ll get a bigger invoice.

This could be problematic for some companies, as they may have already set up their budgets for 2023 assuming the old pricing. For them, speed is of the essence.

The good news is that Stratasys does not intend on raising prices again in 2023, as two raises in six months would otherwise indicate a trend. They say:

“I’m pleased to notify you that we are not planning any price increases in Stratasys materials for 2023 at this time.”

Note that they specifically mention “materials”, but not equipment.

Via Stratasys

By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. Well that quote from Stratasys was a bare-faced lie… “I’m pleased to notify you that we are not planning any price increases in Stratasys materials for 2023 at this time.”

    I’m writing this on the 10th Mar 2023 and recieved an email from Stratasys this week. FDM and Polyjet materials are going up in price and consumables for machines are going up too… smh

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