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Sygnis President Andrzej Burgs with new ZMorph President Grzegorz Kaszyñski [Source: Sygnis]

Sygnis announced the acquisition of ZMorph, a 3D printer manufacturer.

Fabbaloo readers may recall Poland-based ZMorph: the company launched some years ago with an unusual multi-tool device that combines 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC milling all in one desktop machine. By combining three different making methods, a maker has greatly increased capabilities.

This market has been quite challenging as it is exceedingly difficult to place sufficiently powerful tools into a multi-tool device. Typically lasers and CNC motors are lower powered than standalone devices, meaning multi-tool devices are best for those operating in constrained spaces. There have also been multiple introductions of similar function equipment by inexpensive Asian manufacturers.

These challenges likely pushed ZMorph to a new paradigm in which they address the industrial and professional market. Most recently the company introduced their flagship device, the i500, which is an entirely different machine — it’s not a multi-tool device. This device has a large print volume, safe & easy operation and the ability to 3D print in a variety of engineering materials.

Meanwhile, Sygnis is another of the many Polish companies involved in the 3D space. It’s a very unusual company in that it seems to have arms in quite a few market niches, including bioprinting, 3D visualization, nanoprinting, glass 3D printing, as well as consulting, educational, design and build services. Their strategy appears to be to “cover all the bases”, as is the same with several other major players in the 3D print space.

Now Sygnis has acquired ZMorph, and the terms of the deal were not publicly disclosed. However, it was stated that ZMorph will continue operating as a fully-owned subsidiary of Sygnis.

[UPDATE] We have located the terms of the deal, hidden in a document posted on a Polish site. Apparently Sygnis purchased 77.8% of ZMorph shars from Warsaw Equity Management SA, and remaining shares from multiple other parties to total 96.32% of company shares. The cost of the share purchases was approximately US$1M. In addition, Warsaw Equity Management SA received additional shares from Sygnis, and they now own 9.2% of Sygnis.

Sygnis said the acquisition makes the company the “largest player in the Polish 3D printing industry”, which is quite a feat, considering all the other companies from that country.

Sygnis President Andrzej Burgs explained why the acquisition took place:

“In its strategy, Sygnis planned to create the Sygnis Group, which will include, among others, a company that is a manufacturer of 3D printing machines. Initial assumptions about the implementation of strategy included a lead time of 2 years. At this point, the opportunity to acquire ZMorph causes us to achieve this strategic goal right now. The effect of this synergy will most likely be visible by the end of this year, forming an important part of the company’s strategy. The products developed at Sygnis may become an important element in the further development of the newly acquired company and may be transferred to ZMorph in the future.”

One change is that Sygnis VP Grzegorz Kaszyñski becomes the President of ZMorph. Kaszyñski said:

“I am very proud that we were able to add ZMorph to the Sygnis Group. It is one of the most important brands on the Polish 3D printing market and, above all, very recognizable worldwide. ZMorph’s unique design and emphasis on quality, combined with Sygnis’ R&D strength, will certainly quickly result in new solutions for the company’s offerings. We are joining at a pivotal moment, with the i500 printer ZMorph is becoming an important player in the professional 3D printer market, especially those targeted at professional SME’s. We have diagnosed sales areas that have untapped potential. We aim to make ZMorph synonymous with a premium European brand for 3D printing.”

It appears that Sygnis is positioning to grow the ZMorph brand by adding new product in the future, and they also plan to do significant recruiting for expansion. With the additional resources of Sygnis, ZMorph may be able to go a lot farther than they could by themselves.

Via Sygnis and ZMorph

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