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The AMbigram [Source: Flam3D]

The world’s largest ever 3D printed exhibition booth is set for display at Formnext, and it’s called “The AMbigram”.

The Flemish-Dutch 3D printing association, Flam3D, is behind the project, but it’s actually a collaboration of “more than 30 Flemish and Dutch companies” that contributed to the project.

First, let’s look at the scale of this behemoth. It’s a 24sm dome (258sf) that will house displays from various companies at the upcoming Formnext exhibition — which just happens to be the world’s largest 3D print fair.

The dome is made from 400 parts, 130 of which are 3D printed. The really interesting part is that these 3D printed parts are not all the same. In fact they are made using different additive technologies. Flam3D explains:

“The demonstrator concept around Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the shape of a futuristic dome construction serves as a vehicle to demonstrate more than 130 3D printed parts, both polymer and metal, ranging from S to XXL, and in 15 different 3D printing technologies. With this demonstrator, the initiators mainly want to bring 3D printing closer to potential users.”

Here you can see some of the unique 3D printed connectors used to fit the major pieces of the AMbigram together.

Some of the unique 3D printed connectors used in the AMbigram [Source: Flam3D]

It’s not just an exhibition dome, it’s a demonstration all on its own.

The dome itself must be assembled from the parts, but them it can also be re-erected again by simply repeating the process. It’s a re-usable affair that is intended to be used over and over. Flam3D explains what happens after the Formnext exhibition:

“Afterwards, the creation will be touring fairs and events at home and abroad for several years. An accompanying interactive VR visualisation and personal explanations will further clarify the Additive Manufacturing technology and its potential use. In addition, the AMbigram will be made available for the general public to admire at informative locations in between trade fairs.”

There’s nothing better than a demonstration to show what an unknown technology can do, and the AMbigram will certainly accomplish that.

I’m looking forward to seeing the AMbigram in person when we attend the Formnext event in Frankfurt in mid-November.

Via Flam3D

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