The Second TIPE Conference Is Coming Soon

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TIPE 3D Printing is coming soon [Source: TIPE]

TIPE 3D Printing 2022 is set to begin soon, and you should consider attending.

TIPE is an annual online conference on 3D printing, organized by Women in 3D Printing. The first event, held last year, was a breakthrough for the organization as the highly successful event became the flagship event for Wi3DP. There were over 1,600 attendees listening to 147 speakers over the event’s 20 hours.

Last year’s TIPE was held online due to circumstances, and the same is true today. However, I found the online format used by the organizers to be incredibly effective: it was almost as if you were physically attending an event, except that your feet didn’t wear out as the day progressed. The online service has you sitting at virtual tables, where you can easily interact with others at the table, either through video or audio.

The 2022 event is composed of several speaker tracks: Economics, Industry, People and Technology, each held on different virtual stages. While the agenda is still in flux, the event site lists over 140 speakers scheduled to deliver unique material to TIPE attendees.

You might think that because this event is organized by Women in 3D Printing the subjects of the talks might be focused on diversity issues. There is some content of that type, but actually by far the majority of the talks are of a general nature that might be found at any major 3D print conference.

In fact, that’s why this event was created in the first place: to demonstrate that women are indeed capable of leading the industry at scale. They proved that beyond any doubt last year, and look to reach even higher levels in 2022.

Looking through the speaker list, I’m impressed by the number of different companies and institutions represented. There are 3D printer manufacturers, software providers, manufacturing services, universities, research institutes, chemical giants, industry groups and many more. They will certainly bring a great deal of diverse knowledge to attendees.

Another highlight of the conference is a virtual career fair, which could be of considerable interest to 3D printing companies hoping to expand into the growing market for additive manufacturing.

The virtual conference takes place January 18-20, and is open to anyone, anywhere. All you need is a browser and your interest in 3D printing. There is no charge to attend, as the event is supported entirely by the many generous sponsors working with the organizers.

I’m attending. Are you?

Via TIPE and Women in 3D Printing

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