TitanCraft Now Out of Beta: Generate 3D Models of Gaming Figurines On Demand

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3D printed figurine generated by TitanCraft [Source: TitanCraft]

TitanCraft is now out of beta, as of today.

TitanCraft is an online service that can generate 3D models of gaming figurines on demand. Users can “create” a character by selecting a base model and adding all kinds of different items, such as clothing, weapons, features and more.

It’s also possible to “pose” the figure to get the desired appearance.

This is where TitanCraft differs from the competition. The most well-known alternative character-generating service is HeroForge, which offers what might at first be a similar service.

Except for one major difference: posing.

HeroForge allows one to pose the character, like TitanCraft, but you must pay for each new download. So a single saved character could repeatedly generate payments to HeroForge each time it is reposed.

Meanwhile, TitanCraft has a rather different business model. Instead of paying per download, you pay for the character. This means you can re-pose the character over and over, and download each new 3D model at no charge.

TitanCraft explains:

“Rather than paying per-download, users unlock packs of outfit & item options. They can then export unlimited characters for free using unlocked assets.

Our business model means players can create and print their characters in a variety of poses / mounts without having to pay for each one, and DMs can create a huge amount of NPCs, villains and monsters without breaking the bank.”

While TitanCraft has been around in beta form since its launch last fall, today it emerges from beta in true production form.

What has changed since the launch? TitanCraft’s Andrew Stockton explains:

“We’ve added a large handful of new races (more on Thursday when we leave beta), a bunch of new costume / item / mount options, and the ability to add monsters as character mounts. Starting Thursday, we’re also adding our merchant license to our store page so merchants can sell prints of their creations.”

The ability to sell generated 3D models is certain to attract designers, and that should help boost visitors to TitanCraft.

Finally, Stockton tells us they are also running a promotion whereby users are able to get a free, unlocked mini design.

If you’re into gaming figurines and believe you can design something cool, TitanCraft is a service you should check out.

Via TitanCraft

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