Upgrade Alert: Mango3D’s Latest Lychee Slicer Enhances Performance and Usability

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Using the Lychee Slicer Pro Resin & Filament [Source: Fabbaloo]

Mango3D announced a new version of their Lychee Slicer.

The Lychee Slicer is one of a few third party slicing tools that isn’t directly associated with a particular 3D printer manufacturer. It’s a paid product, and not open source.

Lychee began as a slicer for resin 3D printers, but in 2022 added the ability to slice FFF jobs as well. The official name of the product now seems to be the “Lychee Slicer Pro Resin & Filament”. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so I just call it “Lychee”.

The fact that Lychee can prepare jobs for both resin and FFF can be a bonus: you need to learn only one system and can run both types of 3D printing easily. There are very few slicers that can do this.

Lychee Slicer’s “magic” button [Source: Fabbaloo]

Lychee is quite powerful, as it includes something few resin slicers do: a “Magic” button. This feature, with one button, automatically orients the part, generates intelligent supports, and creates rafts.

What’s new in the latest 6.0.2 version? Let’s take a look at the most interesting changes:

  • Significantly reworked internal code structure that positions the product for future enhancements
  • Entirely new support generation engine
  • Automatic interconnection between support structures to add rigidity
  • There’s a new ironing feature that provides many options for smoothing the surfaces on FFF print jobs
  • Support generation for resin jobs now can use an automatic “grid” feature that provides a more robust way to place supports, particularly if some supports fail
  • Thinner supports can be used due to the grid feature, saving resin
  • Hidden seams on FFF jobs
  • A new way to perform Boolean operations on loaded 3D models while preparing jobs
  • Improved FFF support generation
  • Dozens of new 3D printers now directly supported, including all of the recently popular devices
  • Improved job time estimates
  • Specific fixes for certain machines that had issues in past releases

This is a very good upgrade, and should be done by all Lychee users.

In case you’re wondering, Lychee is available both free and by subscription. The free version includes basic capabilities to slice both resin and FFF jobs, while the Pro version offers additional advanced features — many of which are mentioned above.

The Pro version is priced at €100/yr (US$108) for both resin and FFF capabilities. The company also offers €70/yr (US$75) versions for each of resin and FFF separately, if that’s what you require.

Via Mango3D

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