Who’s The Biggest In 3D Printing, February 20, 2022

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Who's The Biggest In 3D Printing
Which 3D print company is the biggest this week? [Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay]
Who’s The Biggest In 3D Printing, September 5, 2021
Which 3D print company is the biggest this week? [Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay]]

Once again we take a look at the valuations of the major 3D printing companies over the past week.

Publicly traded companies are required to post their financial reports, as well as appear on stock markets. From there we can calculate the total value of their company by multiplying the current stock price by the number of outstanding shares. This number is the market capitalization, and represents the current valuation of the company.

It’s a great number of compare companies, as the market capitalization can be leveraged to provide more capabilities for the company. Shares could, for example, be used as collateral for a loan. That and similar maneuvers could generate cash with which the company might undertake new projects.

In other words, “market cap”, as it is known, is quite important.

You might think it’s not important to monitor these companies each week, as their value is realized only when stocks are sold. However, events happen to companies occasionally that cause their value to rise and fall, and this weekly post is where we track such things.

Note that our list here does not include all major 3D print companies. Not all 3D print companies are publicly traded, and thus we cannot officially know their true size, such as EOS. Others, like HP or Siemens, have very large 3D printing divisions, but are part a much larger enterprises and we cannot know the true size of their 3D printing activities.

Let’s take a look at the 3D printing companies on this week’s list.

3D Printing Leaderboard

13D Systems2259-110
7Desktop Metal1216-50
9Nano Dimension901-42
11SLM Solutions362-29
14MeaTech 3D82-1
17Sigma Labs220
19Aurora Labs10-1
3D printing valuation leaderboard (in US$M) [Source: Fabbaloo]

This week saw relatively little change overall, week over week in spite of volatility up and down day-by-day. It seems to have mostly balanced out in the end, with our leaderboard dropping only half a percent in total value over the week.

Two companies saw major shifts in value.

The first is FATHOM, the manufacturing service that launched trading only a few weeks ago in January. Their value has been gyrating wildly, ranging from a stock price of only US$5.31 on January 22nd, up to a maximum of US$10.68 on January 25th — effectively doubling in only a few days! The company’s valuation has been jumping up and down, and this week it was once again on the upswing, netting the company a 17.5% rise in value over the week.

Curiously, there was no particular news that would have caused these dramatic swings. The company has not published any official press releases since January 10th. An inspection of their SEC filings also reveals little of interest.

Except for one thing: two filings in the past week related to ownership statements, where stockholders of note must be publicized. One filing listed “Altimar Sponsor II, LLC”, and the other listed Citadel Advisors LLC, Citadel Advisors Holdings LP, Citadel GP LLC, Citadel Securities LLC , Citadel Securities Group LP, and Citadel Securities GP LLC having some combination of share ownership.

If you’re not familiar, Citadel was involved in the Gamestop trading frenzy last year and is well known to social media groups following their activities. It’s possible that FATHOM got a boost from these parties after it became known that Citadel was involved.

Regardless, the boost put FATHOM into sixth place on the leaderboard.

The other big swing on the week was from voxeljet. The company’s stock value tumbled from US$7.19 on February 14th to only US$4.95 at the end of the week, a week-over-week drop of almost 29%. Again, no particular news seems to be present to warrant this shift. However, the company’s stock value has previously been at this level only a few weeks ago, suggesting it is simply a volatile stock.

Upcoming Changes

We are still awaiting the appearance on the market of one more 3D print company: Fast Radius, a digital manufacturing cloud service.

Another company set to appear in 2022 is Essentium, who announced plans to use a SPAC-merger to launch on NASDAQ. However, this deal was recently abandoned and we’re awaiting further information from Essentium on what happens next.

Others In The Industry

While we’ve been following the public companies, don’t forget there are a number of private companies that don’t appear on any stock exchange. These privately-held companies likely have significant value, it’s just that we can’t know exactly what it is at any moment. The suspected bigger companies include EOS, Carbon, Formlabs and SLM Solutions.

Perhaps someday some of them will appear on our major players list.

Finally, there are a number of companies that are deeply engaged in the 3D print industry, but that activity is only a small slice of their operations. Thus it’s not fair to place them on the lists above because we don’t really know where their true 3D print activities lie.

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