Women in 3D Printing Set To Launch Their First Conference

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Wi3DP Set To Launch Their First Conference
TIPE 3D Printing

Only days from now Women in 3D Printing will take a step unimaginable when they started: hosting a massive online conference on 3D printing.

Named “TIPE 3D Printing 2021”, the conference’s name is an acronym for its primary tracks — Technology, Industry, People and Economics — and the topics of the conference are quite varied.

To be very clear, this is most definitely not a conference about women’s rights as some readers might incorrectly suspect; it is instead a large online event, open to everyone, that focuses on 3D printing over two days.

In total, there will be about 85 talks presented online, delivered in five tracks:

  • Technology
  • Industry
  • People
  • Economics
  • Youth

Each track will also have sub-topics grouping like-minded presentations together. For example, Technology will feature a “Big Ideas” group, Industry will see presentations on “AM End Use and Spares applications”, there will be a “Career Advancement” focus in People, a “Sustainability & Circular Economies” focus in Economics, and presentations on “Education” in the Youth track.

A “main stage” will also highlight keynote presentations. Inspirational speaker Dr. Sara Safari will kick off the first day of the conference, detailing how she has literally climbed to great heights (including the peak of Mount Everest), while day two will start with a panel of leaders in the additive manufacturing industry. Fireside chats will close out each day, as well, with fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht one day and all the track/conference leaders the other.

Topics of talks are tightly focused on specific areas. Some examples:

  • Digitalization Impact on Society: 3D Printing in Architecture
  • Engineering Materials
  • Why High Quality 3D Education Matters
  • Additive Construction
  • Aerospace & Defense and the Additive Manufacturing Journey
  • 3D Printing Microstructures and Megastructures
  • Human-Centered Innovation
  • Digital Workflow
  • Visible Light 3D Printing for Large Scale Manufacturing
  • Medical 3D Printing
  • The Value of Mass Customization
  • How the New Collar Workforce Can Bring Back the Middle Class
  • Optimizing Refractory Metals for Additive Manufacturing

You get the idea: There is literally something for everyone involved with 3D printing and additive manufacturing at this event. In fact, with multiple tracks it’s likely you will miss some talks of interest because they’re on at the same time. With a paid ticket (just $95), playbacks of every session will be available after the conference; joining the event live is free of charge.

Some of the 130+ speakers at TIPE 3D Printing 2021 [Source: TIPE]

There’s something else you might not have noticed if you’re browsing the talk titles: each and every presenter, every track host, every panelist and every keynote speaker is female. There are over 130 professional women in 3D printing appearing at TIPE.

I recall a time, six years ago, when Nora Touré formed Women in 3D Printing. One of the issues at the time was an ongoing and consistent lack of female participation in events — and I’d say this event neatly destroys that pattern. If more than one hundred thirty women can participate in this event, they can participate in any 3D printing event.

Some of the numerous corporate sponsors for TIPE 3D Printing 2021 [Source: TIPE]

In-between talks at TIPE 3D Printing 2021 will be the opportunity for networking, something that happens at most conferences, and is usually one of the most valuable activities. However, as we’ve all seen this year, networking is extremely challenging at online events.

That could change at this event, which uses a very interesting online event tool called Remo. Remo provides a virtual representation of a physical conference, where you can choose to sit at tables and interact — only — with other table members, just like “real life”. You can bounce around to different tables to meet different people. There’s video, voice and chat capabilities, and having done some testing with it, I’ve found it is pretty close to attending a real, physical conference — without the sore feet!

The event takes place 27-28 January, and a full schedule is available now at the TIPE website.

Wi3DP has done an incredible job promoting 3D printing and helping increase diversity in the workplace, and this conference will no doubt raise their profile significantly higher. It’s even possible TIPE could become one of the premier 3D printing events held annually, eventually to be held in person.

That’s the reason I suggest you consider attending this free event. There’s some great content on the schedule and excellent opportunities for networking.

Our team will be present: our Managing Editor (and Wi3DP Board Director) Sarah Goehrke will be moderating the People Track, and as a media partner Fabbaloo will also have a dedicated table on the main floor to catch up with visitors.

Come by and see us!


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