Xact Metal Expands Global Reach with Launch in Japan

By on October 3rd, 2023 in Corporate, news

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Metal 3D prints [Source: Xact Metal]

Xact Metal has launched in Japan.

The growing metal 3D printer manufacturer announced they’ve established a partnership with a notable sales and service organization in Japan, System Create Co.

Xact Metal explained:

“System Create Co. provides high level manufacturing solutions including 3D printers and 3D scanners from world-class brands, as well as traditional manufacturing products and software systems. With 30 years of experience handling 3D printers, the knowledgeable System Create Co. team will skillfully provide technical support and maintenance for Xact Metal printers. Through System Create Co, the mission of Xact Metal to reduce financial barriers into metal 3D technology can completely permeate small to medium enterprises in Japan.”

This is a very interesting step for Xact Metal, which has grown significantly since we first encountered them at a RAPID event some years ago. Back then they were a tiny startup company with radical idea: bring the cost of LPBF metal 3D printing down significantly.

Then the cost of LPBF systems and associated hardware & facilities was so high that it effectively blocked many potential applications from even attempting the technology. In many cases, this is still true.

Xact Metal’s innovative design managed to squeeze in LPBF functionality into a small and relatively affordable package.

Since then the company has tweaked their products to find the sweet spot in the market, and they seem to have done so with their XM300 series. With a hot product, they’ve been quite busy expanding their sales and distribution reach.

My understanding was that their reach was primarily in the US and Europe, but the Japan announcement tells us that the company has ambitions to grow much further globally.

At this point the company is still quite a bit smaller than the traditional big players in the metal 3D print space, but as they say, big things come from small starts.

Via Xact Metal

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