ZYYZ Labs Introduces Pro II Professional 3D Printer

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The Pro II professional 3D printer [Source: ZYYX Labs AB]

ZYYX Labs introduced a new 3D printer, the ZYYX Pro II.

We haven’t heard from the Swedish company for quite a few years, the last being their announcement of the original Pro model in 2017. The company launched in 2013, making it today one of the senior players, albeit not the largest.

Their claim to fame over the years has been their uncanny ability to produce desktop 3D printers that are fully capable of being used in an office. They have done so with an ingenious combination of filtration, automation and audio insulation.

That story continues this week with the introduction of their latest model, the ZYYX Pro II device.

The Pro II is a 1.75mm FFF desktop 3D printer, with a very generous build volume of 285 x 235 x 210 mm. It’s an enclosed device, which provides several advantages.

The enclosure allows the build chamber to accumulate heat from the heated print surface, eventually raising the internal operating temperature up to 75C. It heats up very quickly, too, with an ability to hit 65C in only five minutes. This is sufficient to prevent warping on almost all engineering materials and should provide dimensionally accurate prints.

Note that the filament spool sits inside the build chamber, and this allows it to be pre-heated, again adding to print quality and consistency.

ZYYX Pro II Noise

Massive filtration system on the Pro II 3D printer [Source: ZYYX Labs AB]

The enclosure also greatly assists with the quiet nature of this machine. ZYYX Labs feels so strongly about their audio capability they have trademarked it as “OfficeSafe Whisper”.

How quiet is this 3D printer? ZYYX Labs claims a decibel rating of only 38. This is incredibly low, as the quietest 3D printer I’ve used and tested rated only in the 50’s, and it was virtually silent. At 38, the ZYYX Pro II is likely completely silent.

ZYYZ Labs has also trademarked “OfficeSafe Ultra” for their sophisticated filtration system. They explain how it works:

“Workplace health is of highest priority and the ZYYX Pro II is designed to be perfectly safe for the office desktop. Our new filtering system, a Swedish-made combined HEPA H13 and active carbon filter, removes more than 99.95% of the ultrafine particles, volatile organic compounds, and odors that are created in the air from melting polymers. This innovative, 95 mm thick filter of clean-room class is so efficient that it even cleans the air of the room.”

As you can see in this chart, the filtration system essentially removes all particles when in operation.

Chart of emission removal by the OfficeSafe Whisper system [Source: ZYYX Labs AB]

Those two features make the ZYYX Pro II ideal for desktop use — even immediately beside the operator. For those making prototypes and one-off models, including engineers, industrial designers or architects, the Pro II could be a welcome addition.

There are several other features of note on the Pro II:

ZYYX Pro II Build Surface

The build surface is quite interesting. It’s made from a perfectly flat glass plate that can efficiently carry heat to all areas, but also has a magnetically attached spring steel plate on top. This provides the advantages of flat glass and at the same time easy print removal. Here is a short video showing how it works:

ZYYX Pro II Extrusion System

The extrusion system includes a Bondtech extruder — which is not a surprise as both companies are based in Sweden. But there’s also the SwiftTool system for quick swapping of nozzles. This allows use of different diameters for different applications. ZYYZ Labs provides 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, and 1.2 mm nozzle options.

ZYYX Pro II Engineering Materials

Unlike its predecessor, the Pro II is able to handle composite materials due to its hardened filament path. It is able to use carbon fiber-reinforced filaments, as well as glass fiber-reinforced filaments and nylons. ZYYX Labs offers ProCarbon, ProGlass and ProNylon filaments, as well as a number of standard filament materials.

ZYYX Pro II Pricing and Availability

The ZYYX Pro II is available for purchase now, with delivery in 2-3 weeks after order. Pricing starts at €4825 (US$5650) and up, depending on options selected.

Via ZYYX Labs AB

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