The Dangers of Open Source 3D Printing

When MakerBot opened some years ago it used open source approaches to developing its products. While they produced 3D printers, they also made available the plans to make them, open source-style. That changed with the introduction of their Replicator 2 model, much to the consternation of their open source followers.    Why did MakerBot make… Continue reading The Dangers of Open Source 3D Printing

3Doodler: CLONED

You always hear about offshore product cloning, but it’s a shock to see them. We were directed to the “Good Luck Buy” site, where we saw what appears to be an almost perfect clone of the famous 3Doodler 3D printing pen: the 3D Printing Pen for 3D Prototype Modeling.   3Doodler, you may recall, recently… Continue reading 3Doodler: CLONED