DWS DigitalWax 020D

Italian firm DWS has been manufacturing vat photopolymerization 3D printers since 2005, first with the name Next Factory, and then as Digital Wax Systems (DWS) starting in 2007. 

The Asiga Pico 3D Printer

We’re starting to observe a collision between the lowering prices of commercial 3D print gear with the rising prices of increasingly more capable personal 3D printers. Today only a few thousand dollars separate the two. One example of a commercial unit that’s priced very effectively is the Asiga Pico, a small volume resin-based 3D printer. … Continue reading The Asiga Pico 3D Printer

Open Source Metal 3D Printing

We ran across an interesting project that’s attempting to create a system for 3D printing metal at very low cost. The idea is to do for metal manufacturing what was done for plastic manufacturing with current open source 3D printers.    The project, by Andreas Bastian, is entitled “An Open Source Selective Laser Sintering 3D… Continue reading Open Source Metal 3D Printing

Solidscape Launches Next Generation 3D Printing System

Solidscape, Inc. announced the launch of the 3ZPRO 3D printer for direct manufacturing of wax patterns. With one-touch simplicity, the fully automated 3ZPRO printer brings the power of high-precision 3D printing to the office desktop and retail environments.   Read More at Engineering.com

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