Fabr Update

  Lou Amadio has provided an update on his quest to design and build his own inexpensive 3D printer. Lou has chosen to bypass the RepRap and fab@home projects and go his own way, and a key design element is to use off-the-shelf parts only. We’ve covered Lou’s adventure before, twice.   In this update,… Continue reading Fabr Update

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OoeyGui Continues

We’ve written about Lou Amadio’s garage-based “Fabr” project before, in which he’s building his own 3D printer – including self-designed portions of the machine itself. He’s now released code and Sketchups for the 3D printer, the controller board and the decomposer plugin – which apparently has run across some difficulties with Sketchup. An upcoming post… Continue reading OoeyGui Continues

3D Toys with Fabr

Many people are considering unique uses for and implications of 3D printing. Lou Amadio wants to be able to print toys for his four-year-old son, or at least create replacement components for those toys inevitably broken or lost by the youngster. Lou’s approach is a bit more extreme than many might consider: he’s not only… Continue reading 3D Toys with Fabr