Google Sells SketchUp!

Big news! Google has sold off the hugely popular SketchUp 3D modeling tool to Trimble. Wait, who are Trimble, exactly? They’re a “leading provider of advanced location-based solutions that maximize productivity and enhance profitability”. In other words, they leverage GPS and other location tech to develop point products for quite a few different industries.   … Continue reading Google Sells SketchUp!

Ponoko/Google Sketchup Contest Underway

Ponoko’s promoting their recent launch of Personal Factory version 4 by joining forces with Google Sketchup on a new contest: The Ponoko 3D Printing Challenge. As far as we can tell, there are very few rules, other than:   produce a piece of instructional content that’s equal parts enlightening and entertaining. Each entry must be… Continue reading Ponoko/Google Sketchup Contest Underway

New Google Sketchup 3D Plugin from i.materialise

There’s already a few plugins for Google’s popular Sketchup 3D modelling program that permit export to formats suitable for 3D printing, but we learned that i.materialise has now released their own version.    The plugin is easily installed into Sketchup by using the instructions linked below. In the image above you can see how it… Continue reading New Google Sketchup 3D Plugin from i.materialise

Print Your Sketchup Objects

Google Sketchup, by far the most popular 3D modeling tool in the known universe, now has a great way to send your Sketchup model to a 3D printer. Simply install the new plugin from CADspan and you’ll be able to generate solid .STL files suitable for submission to most 3D print services and printers. The… Continue reading Print Your Sketchup Objects

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3D Printing from Google Sketchup

  QuickArc has just announced that their 3D model viewer, QuickArc 3D, now can read and convert Google Sketchup 3D files into printable 3D format without any fuss.  This development enables the release and potential printing of tens of thousands of 3D models previously in 3D jail within Google’s vast library.  Free download (registration required)… Continue reading 3D Printing from Google Sketchup

OoeyGui Continues

We’ve written about Lou Amadio’s garage-based “Fabr” project before, in which he’s building his own 3D printer – including self-designed portions of the machine itself. He’s now released code and Sketchups for the 3D printer, the controller board and the decomposer plugin – which apparently has run across some difficulties with Sketchup. An upcoming post… Continue reading OoeyGui Continues