Book of the Week: Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers

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Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers” by Fabbaloo friend Anne Marie Shillito.

Shillito is quite familiar with the concept of design, having begun her career as a professional jewelry designer. From there she shifted to the academic world, exploring the concepts of modern design and the tools used.

During her research she explored the use of digital making software and hardware, with a particular focus on the use of haptic interfaces for 3D design. This led her to found a startup company, Anarkik3D, which pursued the haptic approach commercially.

Along this journey Shillito not only has produced countless fashion and jewelry designs, but also identified many important design techniques for 3D models.

Her book, Digital Crafts, is a collection of many of those design techniques. It is specifically designed to assist artists who enter the world of 3D printing and digital design.

The book contains many case studies involving not only digital design using 3D CAD software, but also the process of 3D printing using contemporary equipment and 3D scanning. There’s even information on non-3D print tech, such as CNC and Laser Cutting, which when used with 3D printing can be a powerful combination.

What’s most interesting is how Shillito weaves both traditional and modern design techniques together in practical ways that designers would actually undertake. By reviewing the many case studies presented in the book, one can learn a great deal about design efficiency and creativity.

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  1. Thank you, Fabbaloo, for making my book ‘book of the week’. You have made my day!
    Kerry, hope you are very well and many thanks for Fabb news about the many facets of the 3D printing industry. I continue with my 3D printing projects.

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