Design of the Week: Improved Banana Slicer

This week’s selection is the very practical Improved Banana Slicer, by Thingiverse user Todd Blatt.    What does it do? Well, just take a look at the image and you’ll get the idea. Practical and it involves food, so how could you go wrong?    The design is “Improved” over the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer… Continue reading Design of the Week: Improved Banana Slicer

No 3D Water Printer Here

Just so you know, our post on April 1st regarding the mysterious NEMO, a “3D Water Printer” was completely, entirely and absolutely fabricated.    Every year some very strange posts appear on that day and we thought we’d have some fun, too.    On the other hand, 3D print technology’s exponential development trend suggests that… Continue reading No 3D Water Printer Here

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Meet NEMO, The 3D Water Printer

We’ve been given exclusive pre-public access to a new 3D printer project that could appear on crowdfunding sites very soon: NEMO, the 3D Water Printer. The project is being kept behind closed doors as much as possible, but we were permitted to publish the image above showing a portion of NEMO’s unique internals.   We… Continue reading Meet NEMO, The 3D Water Printer

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3D Printing with Dilbert

This week Dilbert got into the 3D printing space by publishing a cartoon of the character making very effective use of his 3D printer. Hit the link below for the full strip.   Amusing, but not yet possible. Printing a body-sized item would take days on any of today’s machines and the results would be… Continue reading 3D Printing with Dilbert