Cadalyst on 3D Publishing

We spend a lot of time thinking about designs and the technology to print those designs, but what about the notion of publishing designs? Once a model is produced, what happens to that model? Is it kept in a folder somewhere? Is it published on the Internet? What happens to that model once it is… Continue reading Cadalyst on 3D Publishing

What Supports 3D Printing?

We’re thinking not of financial matters here, but “matter matters”. Specifically, the issue of printing overhangs. A 3D printer deposits material layer by layer – and there’s kind of a major issue if there is nothing underneath the layer. Print media falls by gravity and your object doesn’t quite look like it should. Bad. The… Continue reading What Supports 3D Printing?

3D Print War Rocket is Fail

  Hydra’s Lair is the blog of Matt Beauchamp, an art teacher with “a passion for collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures.” He’s been working on miniatures for a pulp sci-fi game, “War Rocket”. But unfortunately this happened:   Since the War Rocket ships are smooth and lack the ‘greeble’ of Star Wars style ships,… Continue reading 3D Print War Rocket is Fail

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3D Yoyo

  “Have you ever made a Yoyo with a 3D printer”, asks bollweevil in this Yoyonation forum discussion. Yoyo enthusiasts know their yoyos, and many custom build them. Now, they consider using a 3D printer to do so. The result is interesting, as YoMattSta replies: “Yes, I have. I made 2 yoyos on a 3d… Continue reading 3D Yoyo