What is it? It stands for  Cornell University’s Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library. A recent post at the Steampunk Workshop pointed out this interesting library of models. Great for Steampunk fanatics with a 3D printer and a mathematical bent. We believe libraries of this type will prove incredibly useful for hobbyist 3D printers. The… Continue reading KMODDL?

Zapped by ZapFab!

A tipster put us onto a new 3D print service: ZapFab. This Manchester, UK-based business is a bit different than your run-of-the-mill “send us your 3D file and we’ll print it” operation. They offer not only the printing process, but also have a highly usable user-generated library of pre-made designs of various types. Fabbaloo readers… Continue reading Zapped by ZapFab!

3D Scanner from NextEngine

We’ve discussed the idea of having large libraries of 3D models in the future, so that we can quickly print out any required object. But where exactly do these models come from? There are only two possibilities:   Design it yourself. Obviously difficult, especially if you don’t have specialized training and a whole lot of… Continue reading 3D Scanner from NextEngine

Not Quite a 3D Library

Over at the Adobe Design Center Think Tank, Allan Chochinov posts an interesting analysis of “fictional products” from the design point of view. Fictional products are those which don’t actually exist but parallel existing products. Consider a speculative version of a future iPod, for example. Chochinov points us to online services where designers of such… Continue reading Not Quite a 3D Library