Deals Available From 3D Systems!

As we approach holiday season, many retailers announce big sales on products. It turns out that 3D Systems is no different, announcing a number of deals available for the next several weeks. 

Solidoodles On Sale

Personal 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle has abruptly placed several of their popular models on sale. It may be a good time to pick one up. 

3D Printer Resellers, Or Not?

In the battle for personal 3D printer supremacy, the leading manufacturers seem to have chosen different approaches to sales. MakerBot, 3D Systems, PP3DP, BotMill and others   MakerBot, BotMill and many of the smaller participants tend to sell directly to clients from their websites. Perhaps this makes sense as these smaller companies don’t yet have… Continue reading 3D Printer Resellers, Or Not?

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You’ve designed something ultracool for your 3D printer and want to sell it. But how? One way you might consider is getitmade, a site kicking off new ideas:   getitmade is a new kind of marketplace where anyone with a product idea can test the market and use social networking to generate pre-sales and get… Continue reading getitmade!

RapidToday For Sale

We were contacted by fellow 3D print blogger Barnaby Wickham, owner/writer of the popular RapidToday blog. Barnaby says:   I am selling, the rapid prototyping and 3D printing site I own and have edited for the past 2.5 years.  I thought one of your readers might be interested in it. RapidToday has developed good… Continue reading RapidToday For Sale

Trade Up to ProJet?

Commercial 3D Printer manufacturer 3D Systems has a special offer underway: trade in your existing Stratasys, Dimension, Objet, Z-Corp, Envisiontec or older 3D Systems printers and they’ll credit you “up to US$15,000” toward the purchase of a new 3D Systems ProJet 3000 or 5000 model.    If you’re interested, you’d better get started as the… Continue reading Trade Up to ProJet?

A Little World Idea

We’re checking out the new iPhone app from “Little World Gifts”, which is a rather cool idea. You browse a series of 3D “gifts” via your iPhone – and browsing means viewing in 3D using rotations, zoom, etc. Once you’ve selected something, you can pick one of your contacts and purchase the item to be… Continue reading A Little World Idea

ProMetal’s Experience

ProMetal is an innovative manufacturing company that uses advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing to get an edge. In a wide-ranging interview and analysis, RapidToday profiles ProMetal and their recent challenges: Identifying the right sales channels to meet the market Enabling customized versions of products Keeping consumer costs low It seems that selling 3D items… Continue reading ProMetal’s Experience