There Really Could Be Something To HP’s Long Term Strategy

HP today made some interesting announcements that tell us quite a bit about their long term strategy, which just might work.  HP is like the elephant in the room within the industry. They’re really big – financially. When they move, it’s important. While they are quite a bit smaller than the existing players in the… Continue reading There Really Could Be Something To HP’s Long Term Strategy

The Vitraglyphic Process: Revealed

A wonderful video from Doctoral Student Meghan Trainor and Professor Mark Ganter of the University of Washington shows the entire process of producing 3D printed ceramics. The initial fragile print made from a glass powder formula is placed into a furnace for firing and solidification.    An ongoing issue with the process, which is still… Continue reading The Vitraglyphic Process: Revealed

The Glass Car

An amazing video shows a behind the scenes look at the creation of a glass car – no kidding! It’s almost completely made of glass. Shell Oil wanted to really show everyone how their engine oil works by making a see-through car, including, of course, the engine itself. The engine turns over, and you can… Continue reading The Glass Car

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Glass Objects from Shapeways

The big news this week was clearly Shapeways surprise announcement: they now provide glass as print material!     Glass printing has been the subject of much investigation and experimentation this year, and now it appears that Shapeways has made enough progress to offer commercial 3D printing using it. Even better, the glass used is recycled… Continue reading Glass Objects from Shapeways

ProMetal’s Experience

ProMetal is an innovative manufacturing company that uses advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing to get an edge. In a wide-ranging interview and analysis, RapidToday profiles ProMetal and their recent challenges: Identifying the right sales channels to meet the market Enabling customized versions of products Keeping consumer costs low It seems that selling 3D items… Continue reading ProMetal’s Experience

One Blue Ring

The guys at Open3DP seem to have made a breakthrough in their quest to develop glass-based 3D printing. Every week they seem to make progress, and this week we see a “semi translucent blue glass ring”.    There’s no details on their blog to describe how they managed to create this magical item, but if… Continue reading One Blue Ring

Shrunken Heads at Opend3DP!

The folks at Open3DP continue to investigate ways to produce 3D glass printing, and they’ve been quite successful so far. A recent post shows their work, but as one can clearly see in their image, a problem is shrinkage during the post-printing firing phase. Yes, that’s right – the image on the right shows the… Continue reading Shrunken Heads at Opend3DP!

More Glass 3D Printing Experiments

The folks at the University of Washington continue their experiments with 3D printing with glass, and it’s looking even better now. Here are some of their latest results: A glass pot, this time fired at a different heating temperature curve than previous experiments. Notice the glassy sheen. They’re getting close! A test glass puck, post-firing… Continue reading More Glass 3D Printing Experiments

Vitraglyphic Prints Still Opaque

Doctoral student Meghan Trainor describes her experience producing her first Vitraglyphic 3D print. Wait a moment, you ask, “what’s a Vitraglyphic 3D print?” Vitraglyphic printing is a new approach to 3D printing that permits production of glass or ceramic type objects, being pioneered at the University of Washington.  Meghan writes: This was my first Vitraglyphic… Continue reading Vitraglyphic Prints Still Opaque

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Glass Printing

We’ve seen many different materials being used as the print medium for 3D printers, including the obvious (titanium, wax, plastic) and a few rather bizarre ones (paper, nutella, pasta and sugar), but we haven’t really noticed Glass yet. Until now. According to news: A team of engineers and artists working at the University of… Continue reading Glass Printing