The .MGX Collection

Earlier this week we encountered iMaterialise’s .MGX collection at the Parallellepipeda Exhibition, and we wanted to learn more. iMaterialise, as we’ve written before, is one of the notable and larger 3D print services today. Like most 3D print services, they allow you to upload your own 3D design (and even help you do it successfully) and select print materials and colors, eventually ending up with a set price for your printed object. However, unlike other services, they have developed a unique offering. 
Their .MGX collection is an astonishing group of amazing items:
Working with revolutionary 3D printing technologies and some of the top designers from around the world, .MGX has created a collection of exceptional lighting objects, furniture, interior goods and jewelry accessories. 
Through the specific technologies of stereolithography and selective laser sintering, liquid or powder polymer is transformed into a solid state via laser beam, allowing for .MGX objects to be brought to life primarily as single pieces, without joints or seams, and with the most astounding degree of detail. In most cases, .MGX creations would be impossible to produce using other manufacturing methods. 
These items are sufficiently design-worthy they regularly appear in major design and art magazines. 
We’re fascinated with the art-meets-3D approach by iMaterialise, who have significantly distanced themselves from typical 3D print services by offering this grand collection of astonishing and beautiful items. Even better, these items are actually for sale through a comprehensive network of worldwide dealers. 


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