The Vitraglyphic Process: Revealed

By on May 31st, 2010 in Hardware, printer, video

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A wonderful video from Doctoral Student Meghan Trainor and Professor Mark Ganter of the University of Washington shows the entire process of producing 3D printed ceramics. The initial fragile print made from a glass powder formula is placed into a furnace for firing and solidification. 
An ongoing issue with the process, which is still under development, is the shrinkage that occurs during firing. The team is experimenting with a variety of mixtures to understand how best to tackle the problem.  

By Kerry Stevenson

Kerry Stevenson, aka "General Fabb" has written over 8,000 stories on 3D printing at Fabbaloo since he launched the venture in 2007, with an intention to promote and grow the incredible technology of 3D printing across the world. So far, it seems to be working!

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