Uformia’s UFormIt Could Change Everything

By on February 26th, 2014 in Ideas


We got thinking about Uformia’s new Uformit service and realized something important. Something that could change everything. 

First, a quick recap of Uformit. It’s a 3D model repository that permits significant modifications to any uploaded 3D model. In other words, if you want a slightly different object, just make the adjustments to a base model. 
But here’s the bold idea. Many repositories, particularly the larger ones such as Thingiverse, are filled with very numerous static versions of common objects. If you were to search Thingiverse for a clamp, say, you’d be presented with over 1500 results. And it may be that NONE of them are the one you need. 

What if you had a 3D model repository filled with only a set of base objects, each of which could be modified to your specifications? If that were true, you could search for “clamp” and find the single clamp model that you modify to fit your needs. 

Searching would be incredibly simplified. 

Thingiverse does offer something kinda like this, with their “Customizer” feature, but it seems to be very lightly used and most objects are not customizable. 

Uformit doesn’t have such a collection. But they may in the future.
Via Uformit