The DeltaTrix 3D Printer

By on April 24th, 2014 in printer


Another tall-format Delta 3D printer! It’s the DeltaTrix, just launched on Kickstarter.

This new device is a member of the “delta” species of 3D printers, which employ a different mechanism (a delta robot) for moving their extruder. The design permits 3D printers to print very tall objects, which we feel is quite useful

The true open source DeltaTrix (published as an Instructable) is capable of a  circular 275mm diameter X-Y and 250mm Z height. It prints both ABS and PLA, as it includes a heated bed. The initial version will be able to print layers as small as 0.1mm, while future versions are envisioned to hit 0.025mm – that’s pretty small!

The major feature, as far as we can tell, is highly robust components. The DeltaTrix includes a very solid frame that should flex less than other Delta style 3D printers employing rods. It also looks a lot better than those machines using aluminum extrusion frames. 

Another interesting feature is the spool mounts. They’re able to accept a wide variety of filament spools of various sizes and capacities. They’ve also tested the printer with a number of different filament suppliers, including “the cheapest possible materials, from a number of sources, to expose our machine to worst-case conditions.”

Calibrating the DeltaTrix is a bit mysterious. They say: 

Unlike many consumer printers, the robust DeltaTrix 3D Printer does not need to be re-calibrated whenever you move it around. Chuck the printer in the back of a car, drive it anywhere, and when you take it out you can start printing straight away.

How this is done, we’re not certain.

The project is offering a variety of ways to participate, with various combinations of assembly kits. You can even buy a kit where you re-use parts from an existing RepRap printer to convert it into a DeltaTrix. The most expensive is only £621 (USD$1040). That’s not expensive for a high-quality delta printer, so long as you’re up for the task of assembly. 

Via Kickstarter