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By on April 21st, 2015 in Hardware

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Remember the Magic Box? The one that automatically smooths your ABS prints? It’s almost ready for shipping. 

The Magic Box is an enclosed chamber in which you place prints made from ABS plastic. The Magic Box then carefully exposes the prints to a calculated amount of acetone vapor, which softens the exposed surfaces of the ABS to create a brilliantly smooth object. You’ll lose a small amount of detail in the process, but it is usually worth doing so. 

This device was launched as a Kickstarter project about a year ago, and it was warmly received with over USD$100,000 in pledges. The money appears to be well-spent as the product is evidently ready to ship. According to Victor Yu of Taiwan-based Sky-Tech: 

Magic box is almost ready to production, below is testing video your ref. Pre-orders are scheduled to ship by ending of April, any new order requires 45 days for order delivery lead time.

And here is that video showing the machine in operation. 

Acetone is not the easiest substance to work with, so having a machine deal with it is a good idea. One thing we noticed during the video was that there’s quite a bit of noise to operate it, likely coming from an external water jet. 

The device looks terrific as does the easy-to-use control panel shown here. If you’d like one, they’re available for USD$900 now, quite a jump over their Kickstarter price of USD$399. 

Via Sky-Tech

By Kerry Stevenson

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