Design of the Week: Francis Bitonti Bracelet

By on October 18th, 2015 in Design

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This week’s selection is a stunning 3D printed metal bracelet by noted 3D artist Francis Bitonti. 

The curvy bracelet is made from a complex, computer-generated 3D design that while “sparse” from a quantity of materials standpoint, visually appears quite “full”. A very defined bracelet shape occurs as your eye fills in the gaps. 

This design both delivers a beautiful object, yet keeps the costs down by reducing the amount of material required to print it. 

This bracelet is part of a new collection offered on Wonderluk, a 3D print shop dedicated to high-end jewelry items. They accomplish this by curating works from notable 3D artists, such as Bitonti.  

The collection also includes a ring, pendant and earrings all made in the same style as the bracelet. It’s a set that definitely fits together. It makes sense when you read Bitonti’s manifesto: 

We focus on information driven production and manufacturing models. We are designers, developers and materials scientists. We are focused on the future of manufacturing. We assume materials can be generated and modified as digital media. We don’t design static things, we design systems and algorithms that shape materials. We design objects, spaces and warbles through information systems. This is NOT design for the “next industrial revolution. THIS IS DESIGN FOR THE INFORMATION AGE.

Bitonti’s work is frequently featured at 3D print trade shows, where it is seen as a real-life example of what can be accomplished with 3D printing when you push the design right to the edge. 

The bracelet is 3D printed in either sterling silver, rose gold or yellow gold, and is priced at £369 (USD$570) at Wonderluk’s site. 

Via Wonderluk

By Kerry Stevenson

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