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 A prehistoric story on the CubeX was resurrected today
A prehistoric story on the CubeX was resurrected today

This morning I noticed a story from an obscure website detailing an announcement from 3D Systems about a product they introduced three years ago!

The site, “Wide Info: The Latest Updates of Information”, included a story in their “Tech Updates” category describing how 3D Systems has just introduced the CubeX desktop 3D printer:

Along with the new midrange Cube, 3D Systems has also introduced a new, higher-end desktop 3D printer, the CubeX, with technical specs that puts it in direct competition with MakerBot’s Replicator 2 and forthcoming dual-color Replicator 2X 3D printers.

While this story was published today, the truth is that the CubeX was introduced in 2013, THREE YEARS AGO!

Since then the CubeX has long been discontinued by 3D Systems and in fact the entire division of the company that marketed it was dissolved – LAST YEAR! 

The poor CubeX never really succeeded and garnered a poor reputation for print quality, machine reliability and its overly-expensive proprietary filament cartridges. 

As for this particular article, it’s one of many stories published by sites who have no interest or understanding of what they are writing. They’re merely finding and publishing literally anything that has coherent words regardless of content. 

In this case the story is actually a duplicate of a 3.5 year old story by CNET who were attending CES 2013 and reported on the then-newsy CubeX introduction. 

It’s most likely a random content business driven by advertising and has little to do with a deep relationship on the topic. 

At this publication we at least try to perform some analysis of relevant material – and there’s tons we either don’t get to or feel not worthy of reporting. 

My hope is that poorly published stories such as this example do not affect or confuse the public, who at this point are mostly baffled by happenings in the turbulent world of 3D printing

Via Wide Info

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