3D Printed Holiday Cheer with IC3D and Toys for Tots

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 [Image: Marine Toys for Tots]
[Image: Marine Toys for Tots]

‘Tis the season to celebrate the best of 3D printing.

For most of 2018, we’ve been focusing on the industrialization of 3D printing as the technology comes closer to the manufacturing mainstream. As the year winds down with holiday festivities, though, it’s back to the playful as Ohio-based IC3D has teamed up with Toys for Tots to create toys for kids who could use a little Christmas magic.

Toys for Tots of Central Ohio is a local branch of the nationwide Marine Toys for Tots Program designed with an admirable goal: to “through the gift of a new toy, help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.” Formed in 1991 by the US Marine Corps, Toys for Tots has a mission “to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas.”

 Sgt Abner Corona [Image: IC3D]
Sgt Abner Corona [Image: IC3D]

“The main goal of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots program is to amplify the work of leaders in the community by offering less fortunate families toys for their children during the holidays. IC3D was able to assist us with that mission. The 3D printed toys were spread around the community to a variety of organizations serving families and were thrilled to receive them. Several  of the families were surprised that such high quality was possible with 3D printed toys,” US Marines Sgt. Abner Corona, Toys for Tots Coordinator, Lima Company, told Fabbaloo.

The Marines are no stranger to mission-oriented work — including bringing 3D printing into operations.

Many of the applications for 3D printing for the Marine Corps include in-field replacement parts manufacture, drones, and other serious military-minded work. Putting the technology to use in crafting playthings shows — well, if not the Marines’ softer side, the facet oriented toward truly serving the American people.

“From the logistics and business side, 3D printing is making advances to allow U.S. Marines to more easily produce parts that keep our equipment running and our troops on the job. As a technology, we are only beginning to understand how 3D printing can serve the many needs of our society,” Sgt. Corona told us.

Thanks to IC3D’s donation of filament to makers in the 3D printing community, 150 articulated robot toys were 3D printed around the US.

 [Image: IC3D]
[Image: IC3D]

“The toys were shipped to IC3D’s factory and then delivered to Toys for Tots central donation location at Rickenbacker. We love sharing the promise of 3D printing technology with everyone, especially kids,” said IC3D Vice President of Operations Matt Organiscak.

The robots, which could sell for $10 each, offer full arm and leg movement and are ready to bring kids’ imaginations to life. 3D printed in bright colors and made with love from the broad 3D printing community, each robot is an individual effort put together with compassionate teamwork.

This festive effort has caught the attention of local news media, complete with “pew-pew!” sound effects, and is sure to brighten up the holidays for little ones as Santa’s elves welcomed a little extra help this holiday season.

3D printing isn’t all fun and games — but sometimes it’s lovely when it is.

Via IC3D and Marine Toys for Tots

By Sarah Goehrke

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