Cynthia Rogers: “There Is An Opportunity For Everyone – I’ve Created An Entirely New Career For Myself Because Of It”

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 Cynthia Rogers [Source: Women in 3D Printing] Cynthia Rogers [Source: Women in 3D Printing]

A native of Canada, Cynthia Rogers was one of the top Advertising Agency Producers in the country prior to moving to the United States in 1998; winning the prestigious Gold Bessie for Top Commercial of the Year.

She produced high profile campaigns for clients such as Air Canada, Molson Breweries, McDonald’s, General Mills, and Colgate-Palmolive. Moving to the Youngstown area in 2003, Cynthia worked as a marketing consultant before establishing Triad Production Group in 2011.

Establishing a relationship with America Makes, Cynthia has led a team that has become specialists in communications for the additive manufacturing industry; not only for America Makes but with several leading organizations in the 3D Printing ecosystem. Her oldest son also works in the 3D Printing industry as the Production Manager for rp+m in Cleveland.

Nora Toure: Cynthia, could you let us know about your background and what brought you to 3D printing in the first place?

Cynthia Rogers: I am originally from Canada where I had a 15 year career as an Advertising Agency Producer, producing national TV commercials for such clients as Molson Breweries, Air Canada, McDonalds and General Mills.

After moving to the US, and spending several years home with my three sons, I began a marketing consulting career that eventually led to opening and managing a video production company in Youngstown Ohio.

In 2012, America Makes opened its doors across the street from our office and a few months later, I literally went and knocked on their door to find out exactly what they were doing and how we could help.

Nora Toure: Can you describe your very first experience with 3D Printing?

Cynthia Rogers: first experience with 3D printing was at RAPID 2013 in Pittsburgh. Not knowing anyone or anything, I walked the floor with my video camera, speaking with companies and learning about the different technologies.

I then created a short video of the experience and from there, started producing several videos that explained the mission of America Makes and its members. In 2015, as a natural extension to the video relationship, my company was awarded the contract for social media management for America Makes.

Nora Toure: You are Women in 3D Printing Youngstown ambassador. What can you tell us about Youngstown’s community and what makes it unique?

Cynthia Rogers: Youngstown is an extremely unique community right in the heart of the so called Rust Belt. Having once been the epicenter of the steel industry in the United States, it was at one time the richest community per capita in the entire country.

The steel mills closed and for many years, so did the heart of the community. Those that remained stuck together and became highly protective of their rich history and culture. Youngstown is a town of makers and manufacturers – it’s in the DNA. It was a natural place to begin an entirely new industry and now, primarily because of the existence of America Makes, it is the epicenter for the additive manufacturing industry of the United States.

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