Arduino Launches IoT Cloud Service

By on September 4th, 2020 in Service

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Arduino Launches IoT Cloud Service
Screenshot of Arduino IoT Cloud dashboard. (Image courtesy of Arduino.)

Arduino has launched its IoT Cloud, designed from the ground up as a low-code approach that allows users to collect, graph and analyze their projects’ sensor data and trigger events while providing full control of any connected devices.

This type of functionality is especially helpful with COVID-19 being an ever-present backdrop to our lives, as the cloud helps streamline the automation of businesses or fleets of devices.

The Arduino IoT Cloud focus on remote management is realized by giving control of devices through an API. Users can manage, configure and connect not only Arduino hardware but also the majority of Linux-based systems with the use of an Internet connection.

Devices are secured using X.509 certificate-based authentication, with further security benefits provided by the secure element crypto chips embedded into the company’s IoT-enabled boards.

A few other features include automatically generated code that helps remove barriers for beginners, “Plug & Play” onboarding that automatically generates a sketch (Arduino’s name for program) when connecting a new device, and the “On-the-go” mobile dashboard that lets users access, check data, and control remote sensor monitoring from anywhere using widgets.

The platform also integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Sheets, IFTTT and ZAPIER, granting programming and device management options using voice, spreadsheets, databases or automatic alerts with webhooks.

Developers and more seasoned users can employ the IoT Cloud to create custom apps using the Arduino IoT API with tailored endpoint webhooks.

According to Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino, “Especially on the cloud side, our aim is to take care of the ‘underlying’ complexity by performing code generation and automation at every possible step of the process. Combining the ease of build with the ability for users to leverage their mobile device as a control interface through specialized apps for Android and iPhone, we’re excited to make simple and secure IoT possible for everyone.”


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