Nadia Yaakoubi: “When You Are A Woman In Business A Lot Can Be Misinterpreted”

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Nadia Yaakoubi: “When You Are A Woman In Business A Lot Can Be Misinterpreted”
Nadia Yaakoubi [Source: Women in 3D Printing]

Nadia Yaakoubi began her international career in additive manufacturing in 2014.

She has experience in the space of material processing technologies like FFF, SLA and DLP of plastic, advanced ceramic and metal. Prior to joining Raise3D, she had her own consulting company GetReady43D. Nadia is an active member of the Women in 3D Printing Community and for her, 3D printing is not only a job but a passion.

Nora Touré: Nadia, could you let us know briefly about your background and your journey into Additive Manufacturing?

Nadia Yaakoubi: I discovered Additive Manufacturing (AM) for the first time during my graduation project, which involved the realization of a RepRap 3D printer. After learning about traditional machining and other material processing techniques like milling, turning, and welding, AM’s potential became obvious to me and utterly mind-blowing. I thought, “this is it.” Why aren’t we all doing it already? AM is the next revolution in manufacturing!” I made a promise to myself that I would be part of this revolution, no matter what. But going from that idea to accomplishment, it was a challenge in an industry that is so young. It took me two years before I started my international career in the 3D printing space.

By then, I was living in London and started as an intern at a 3D printer startup. Through a series of fortunate occurrences, this internship led me to an opportunity in Portugal, where I ended up meeting the then co-founder of my company – GetReady43D. We offered AM education content and consulting services. This went so well that we ended up being acquired by iGo3D, a German company and one of the biggest AM distributors in Europe. I worked here for two years before I got the itch again for something new. Finally, for the past four years, I live in the Netherlands, where I’m helping 3D printer manufacturers like Raise3D in developing marketing and sales in Europe.

Nora Touré: To date, what would you say is your greatest achievement in Additive Manufacturing?

Nadia Yaakoubi: Starting my company at the age of 21 and selling it was one of my greatest achievements thus far.

Starting my own business made me aware that grit and passion can truly take you anywhere.

During this time, I was particularly proud of helping Fortune 500 companies in implementing Additive Manufacturing.

Nora Touré: Do you have any (fun or not) story about your career to share with us?

Nadia Yaakoubi: Now that I look back, I remember that only women participated in my 3D printing graduation project.

The local newspaper highlighted the project as ‘pink’ because it was exceptional to find women prevailing in such a male-dominated education.

Who would have thought that at this point, I would be part of Women in 3D Printing! Hehe…

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By Nora Toure

California-based Nora Toure is the woman behind “Women in 3D Printing”, a group dedicated to promoting and showcasing the use of 3D printing for women. She’s also the Director of Sales & Service Factory Operations at Fast Radius, and a TEDx speaker.

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