Evil CandyFab 4000

Evil CandyFab 4000The CandyFab 4000 is definitely not a commercial product and is most appropriate for those of you already handy with tools. The CandyFab can be constructed for around $500 in readily available parts, and can use output from common 3D modeling software.

The device is designed primarily for fun – it doesn’t have a very good resolution but can print candy! Among the several powdered media it can use is sugar. CandyFab prints objects simply by melting powdered sugar in place, layer by layer. The key features of CandyFab are:

  • Low cost for required parts
  • Very low cost for media (sugar)
  • Non toxic media (sugar)
  • Large-sized build envelope
  • Open source design

Evil CandyFab 4000CandyFab is certainly not designed to make high-quality objects, as its resolution is still fairly low (0.2″ – 0.06″) and the surfaces produced are not exactly smooth.


Even though printed objects are made of sugar, they are not necessarily edible. However, the CandyFab has been modified to print edible objects by ensuring all relevant parts are non-toxic. Future attempts may involve chocolate or other tasty media!

Via Evil Mad Scientist and CandyFab

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