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Z Corporation Leads the Way

You might not be familiar with "Project Lead The Way", but it's a:

not-for-profit organization that promotes pre-engineering courses for middle and high school students. PLTW forms partnerships with public schools, higher education institutions and the private sector to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists graduating from our educational system... Today, the programs are offered in some 3,000 schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This is, of course, a terrific way to enhance the education of students. But it's even better now, since Z Corporation, makers of a very popular series of 3D printers, has joined up with PLTW. They're offering a USD$10,000 grant available to schools that implement the program.

We suspect there is another motive here, that being the schools acquire a Z Corp printer. And that's a good thing, since we strongly believe the presence of such devices in educational institutions will stimulate the minds of students and lead to a better future for everyone.

Via Project Lead the Way

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