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Get That Extreme Redesign Ready!

Dimension Printing, makers of the Stratasys line of 3D printers, is running its annual Extreme Redesign contest once again. This year the deadline for entries is February 1st - so we hope you got your design in on time. We've covered this event before, and it always produces some rather unusual and creative results.

The contest is designed to stimulate ideas and familiarity with 3D printing in academic circles. There are categories for High School and University level engineering as well as Art and Architecture. The key is that an existing product is to be redesigned in a superior manner.  According to the press release, the prizes are:

Winners in each of the three categories will receive a $2,500 scholarship and runner-ups will receive $1,000 scholarships. The top 10 redesigns from each category will be printed on a Dimension 3D Printer and the models will be sent back to the students along with a $50 gift card. Everyone who enters the contest will receive an official Extreme Redesign T-shirt, courtesy of Dimension 3D Printing.

Obviously, we think the best prize is getting your .STL printed! The results of the contest will be published later this year.

Via Dimension Printing

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