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ZCorp's Good, Bad and Ugly

Desmoda tells all in a recent expose of his experiences using ZCorp 3D printers over the past few years. While ZCorp's devices are praised - for speed, consumable cost and color capabilities, Desmoda reveals the dark side of using the devices, including:
  • Problems obtaining a suitable smooth finish, as the raw printouts are "plastery"
  • The time required to post-process printed objects
  • Difficulties in printing solid black ("greyish") and solid white ("yellowish") material
  • Whitening of models due to excessive humidity affects on the hardening agent

You can watch a great video of the ZCorp printing process here. It's interesting to note that the video (and most others you'll encounter) do not show the post-processing work.

Clearly, not optimal. But still very useful, as many businesses do use ZCorp daily. We think (as Desmoda does) that this may be an opening for ZCorp's competitors to leverage.

Via Desmoda

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