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The Sculpteo 3D Printing Service

A new European 3D print service has emerged: Sculpteo. This friendly service appears to compete with Shapeways, as it offers not only a straightforward method of uploading your designs, but also has a "community gallery" from which you may choose pre-made designs. 
Once your design is set:
You choose the material, the monochrome or coloured printing, the final size. We automatically estimate the price, and once your order is confirmed, we are able to elaborate your object.
What materials do they offer? It's based on the two different printer models they use: the Formiga P100 and a ZCorp 650. The Formiga prints "plastic, flexible when the object is fine, and very solid (for example to elaborate a ball bearing)" and the ZCorp has "a high-performance compound, which has the appearance of a plaster casting (for example to elaborate interior design objects)". Standard materials for these printers. 
Their software is evidently able to automatically correct simple 3D model problems in order to correctly print. However, if the problem is beyond their ability to automatically correct, they'll send it back to you for repairs. 
For now it appears they ship only to Europe. 
Via Sculpteo 


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