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3D Printed Kitchen

This week has seen several articles on Food Printing, and today we can tell you that not only can the food be printed, but so can the Entire Restaurant!

Instructables Restaurant is the first open source restaurant in the world. Everything you see, use and eat is downloaded from It's an experiment in internet digestion, combining free culture with food concepts.

Fablab Amsterdam has developed the world's first fully open source Restaurant. That's right, every single item in the restaurant - and even the food, was obtained from Open Source users are familiar with the concept of open source software, and some might be familiar with open source hardware, where a design is obtained and then physically constructed. But this goes well beyond that by linking up all the necessary items to create a functioning business.

The project simply identified the necessary items in the comprehensive instructables site, and where something was missing, they created it. Finally, it was aggregated together into a single package of items. Restaurant-in-a-Box.

This amazing concept makes us wonder what other aggregations of open source software and hardware might appear? Could we see an open source auto mechanics shop, to complement open source cars? How about a fully outfitted open source home?

Via InstructablesRestaurant (Hat tip to Bryan)

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