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HP 3D Printers Rolling Out

NeBusiness reports on the new HP 3D printer that's now in the hands of another UK reseller: Standing Stone. They've been selling it since the first of May. The firm's national sales director, Simon Buckton, says of the £16,500 3D printer + cleaner combo:
We’ve shown some architects, who are very excited about it, because it turns a visual concept into something substantial. The car-making and engineering industries will benefit from this too, and we’ve had Newcastle University looking at it very carefully because the cost of making the models themselves is just a few pounds once you’ve bought the machine.
Here's the interesting bit: Standing Stone believe's they'll be able to score four sales per month (that's almost 50 3D printers this year from this reseller alone!) and across the UK it "could be worth £1m to £2m in the next 12 months."

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